Its not about YOU, Its not about ME,Its about my king,my God,my Lord, The Love of my Life !!

21/01/2010 at 09:37

Dont misunderstand me, am human,i have human feelings and emotions but like a friend put it today am not your ordinary girl, you may think am naive,imature and all the other english words that are there to describe me ,but know this i have someone who i answer to ! I think am finally sick and tired of being someone else ! may the real hannah tephanie wanjiku ndungu please stand up !!!

have u ever felt that you dint measure up ? was not good enough ? maybe even damaged ? have you tried seeking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places ? all the wrong people ? being in relationships for the wrong reson ?? does life really have to be a battle ?? did God intend it this way ?? the bible says love is a beautiful thing ?? “thou shall love your neighbour like you love yourself ! ” but we have turned love and being in a relationship into an idol of some sort, if your not in one there is probably something wrong with you !

As women we have accepted to be objects of lust while we were created to be temples, accepting thrills that last for a while just to up our esteem or prove a point ? where did i go wrong ? when did i forget that am loved with a love that i dint earn and one i will never loose ?? i weep not only for myself but for the women of the world….. “seek ye first the kingdom of God ” i think i have lost my way, ive lost my footing,i have forgotten my priorities….ive been sucked into the the world’s defination of happiness and love.

I apologise to my sister,my girlfriends,my family and my friends for being self centered and petty and selfish, love should be a choice i make everyday, i will love because He (GOD) loved me first ! i choose to be complete in him. Dont misunderstand me i DO live in the world am just NOT of the world….so i sure should act like IT !


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