I have to find the one, inorder to became the one.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart,all your mind, and all your soul………

Movies are a great way to relax and pass time, i literally can spend a whole saturday just engrossed on the telly or wita 40 in 1 dvd….others say its used to escape the realities of the world and situations that surround us….i mean look at the relatioships that are potrayed in movies..boy meets girl,thunderstruck and love just blossoms….first date,first kiss,meet the parents then vuala !!! he tells his boys he has met the one, the girlfriends are tired of hearing his name in every sentence….he goes down on one knee,…she says i do,big bang wedding ! and they live happily ever after………….man i watch too many movies !!!

So does this really happen in reality ??? you know finding the love of your life,the rib of your rib,the one your compatible with,your soulmate…..the “ONE”
Most people live their lives serching,waiting for this “one” well until a few weeks ago i too was waiting for my one until i learnt a certain truth in a verse in a whole different light…

ask yourself what are your priorities in life ??? well i found out mine were work,work,work,my relationship,friends,family,myself then God……notice the “were” yes…thats how i had always put things inoder in my life…

seek ye first the kingdom of God……love the Lord your God with all your heart,mind and soul…how is t even after knowing this verse for so many yeras,and even being in salvation for 7years it still dint hit me ! that God is to be my nuber ONE in everything, its like it finally hit me when the preacher asked how many are still waiting for the one and i raised up my hand….how can i be waiting for the one when He had been there with me this whole time !!! .

The ONE who has been there for me and with me though the up’s and downs…one has comforted me through the joys and the pain..the one who believed in me when i dint believein myself !! i had been so blinded to finding and waiting for the one when he was just there waiting for me…..who can love me like Jesus does ? who can understand me,care for me,forgive me,discipline me,talk to me,satisfy me…like Jesus does !!!! the ONE found me a long time ago….my future husband has to be content to be number two in my life, for the first position was filled 7 years ago……

As i pursue him,to find my Jesus,to love on him, to fellowship with him..to be intimate with him….am finding my one everyday because everyday he reveals something new……
Lord how i love you, how i adore you,how my heart goes and longs and years after you to live for you and wait on you……

To my ONE and only – Jesus Christ.


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