an arrghh !!!! momnent

well a lot has been happening in my life lately and honestly i just feel tired and worn out, so i confided in a friend yester day and they gave me an assignement….now for the people who know me..i work,work,work yea that basically what i do with my life and now add to school,church,family friends etc…i find myself up by 6am in and only going to sleep at 12am in the nite…i know what your thinkking !!! workaholic !! well can you blame me ! am trying to live in a way that am not idle you know,be involved in stuff, they say an idle mind is a devil’s worskshop and believe you me…i know !!! been trying to get leave from work but its beeen denied each time, i love my job and love waking up wanting to rush to the office and do what i do best but it hasnt been so the last two weeks…maybe it has something to do with my priorities changing as well ?? yep ! my priorities are no my God,my family,school,work,my friends !

Can this be the reason for my frustrations ??? especially of late ive been thinking of quiting my job and joining ministry..dont ask am waiting on the Lord to confirm this…..maybe its time for change in my life !! maybe its time i set targets to win souls for christ that numbers for coke !!! maybe….

the shrink’s name will remain confidential but this is what he wrote……

Sorry for all the work, just compensate yourself: asn, take time out for yourself. Besides the days you HAVE TO meet with anyone, go home and catch a good meal on the way home. That’s what I have always done because I work really stupid shifts sometimes. You might appear to be anti social but put yourself first.

Secondly, you can complain about people all day but what matters is what you are able to achieve. If you can reach your targets and you are at peace, whether you get leave or not will not be a big deal.
Take next week for example, cancel social meetings/ dates that aren’t urgent at all, buy a series and go home straight after work but grab a good meal on your way home. When you get home, take a shower, watch two episodes(do not exceed) and get into bed, latest 9.30 pm. Give yourself a week of good sleep and enough rest and you will be back to shape.

You can start putting yourself first, I doubt you do it and only do meetings/ dates that will increase your products circulation, cash flow or relationships with vital people. Start shedding off extra baggage and watch who and what gets to your heart…

I hope that helps…

well i took the challenge or rather am taking the challenge, hope you guys keep accountable and will try my best to post whats going on….and if indeed this remedy is working !!! and if your in my position please lets do thid !!!

shrink…i thank you in advance.


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