OK so you all know the plan was this week beginning sunday was me taking a rest day..yes i still have to go to work but take a rest and close out from the world…and just rest !!! so the plot for sunday was to wake up early go to church 8am service be back at home b 11:30, have ahuge lunch/breakfast then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!!! till 5pm wake up go for a moovie at cinemax then grab a light supper and nbe in bed by 9pm !!!

woke up at 6am but decided to sleep some more..wokr up at 9am and prepared for church had a great breakfast courtesy of friend and neighbour..went for the 11 -1pm service..yes i was faitful i went straigh home..on the way sister called, i mean how could i sa no !! so i figure..we will have lunch al takke a nap as she catches a movie or surf on the laptop…five minutes later joan calle “hey andrew and i are coming over at my place and he insists we have lunch so be at my place in half an hour !!!” mhhh did i mention i have a problem saying no to my friends so yea headed home..since i wouldnt nap anyway i decide to tidy the place,arrange stuf and vuala it was 3:30 .

my sister came over and we went to joans catced up, played poker had a lunch late/supper abnd went back home around 7pm…had a heart to heart wit my sister wa !! we prayed and by 9pm she went home…i showed, read my last three chapters of the book of going throug the new testament…two chapters per day…we are doing 3chapters as church but 3 are just too many for me…; )…

so i decide to sleep then i remembered june, a work mate had given me an exersice cd..yep a girl wants to keep in shape..havent jogged for a while so yea…copied it to the laptop and went to bed about 11:30pm !!!

hey dont look at me like that..i really tried !!! come on….monday is definately going to get better…so am leaving the office now 5pm on the dot !!

dont know what te shrink will think about this one…we wait and see..


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