DAY 2 and 3,

So i tokad job at around 5:15, yes i lied to my shrink that it was 5pm..but isnt it the same this…5pm is 5pm..whether 5:o5 or 5:30 its 5 !!!

ok went home, showered,cleaned up some dishes i had used int he morning, warmed up some left overs rice,some meat and greens..;) yep chick is trying to stay healthy !! and sat down to watch a movie….the time travellers wife !! its a great moving story..ive read its book twice and still wow i cant explain it…watched a second movie…smething the Lord made….great movie also..and great lessons learnt.

was asleep by 10pm !! next morning i started out a new exercise plan wha !!!! its intense..bti like it..35minutes and i feel like a new born…. am proud of myself..and yes it was relaxing and slow and lazy….i like !!!

DAY 3…

was home by six…i know i said no dates but read what the shrink said..if its necessary then go out !! ; ) i love pizza anyone who knows me knows its the only thing after God in my heart..he he he so i had a pizza date yesterday,

went home showered and was picked by 6:30pm, i havent talked to my date for a while just some issues here and there but i thought that we would put behind us..i suggested a know less conversation…but he insisted on dinner ..more conversatio,we dint make it for pizza so opted to have dinner at a restaurant near went well.

was home by 8:00pm watched another movie…black wman guide to getting married..dont ask !!! lol,then i watched the white masai ive never watched this movie though it was so popular at some point….and at 10:30 i went to sleep….

let me confess something that although its relaxing you taking things slow…me time is a bit hard because ive never spent time apart from Good…..and thats how i felt going to sleep yesterday..i felt a much as i take time to relax i need God before me,beside me,around me….i love him so much and honestly am nothing without him…

lets see what my shrink has to say.


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