DAY 4 AND 5….

so day four was a wednesday mhh tokad jobo at around 5:30pm had a movie was just buming at home til around 7 pm shower change and catch the 9pm movie..tyep was going to watch “its complicated” with someone who is complicated he he he….so was getting ready when my friend called, he had to cancel and fly to nairobi there was something we had been praying about and he got the call on his way oto my place so yea, i decided to watch a movie from home..cant remember wat i was watching though……got bored anyway and remembered that i had a shrink on call :0 yes i pay a lot for those services ,so i called we chatted….it was a good conversation but i dont like the way i just open up !! i mean dont tis shrinks get way too much info on a person ??

i ended up sleeping at around 11:30pm, and yea hungry to top it…when i was busy pourin my heart shrink was having dinner, making a beat which i think is awesome !!! and facebookin… yea..they can be cold like this…. but it was good conversation..thank God he aint boring…or maybe…..

day 5.

thursday…rushed to class yep was out of the office by 4pm, and like karma they choose to use me like a case study !! shrinks…;) apparently i have isue i need to sort in my life and yea they were abit painful to hear but am glad i did and i can now do something about it…..

was at tabby’s my girlfriend at 8pm and we made supper and talked and she gave me my birthday gift !! yep friday is my birthday…turning 20 !!! as always. pitiad stevo and another liking my birthday already !!! eve of it to be precise…

went home watched 2 episodes of chuck and wanted to talk to my shrink but he had warned me to never call past 10pm !!! the nerve..anyhu yea its like that and for the first time in many years am actually doing what people want….

ad am out !!


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