Reckless abandonment and diligence indeed.

For those who have read lady in awaiting title of this blog is familiar, yep started yesterday and already am feeling like ive wasted so much of my precious life and time and single hood in pursuit of happiness from earthly standards rather than heavenly ones….where is your treasure stored today? Whats in your alabaster box ? Well mine was filled with a great career, meaningful relationship,kids then ministry etc yes sometimes i held back from doing things since i dint want to disrupt this plan….
Well in reckless abandonment am learning how to take all my dreams,fantasies to Jesus to let him guide me,lead me, teach me, am learning to stand naked at his presence with nothing to call my own,nothing hidden away just incase things dont work out. Completely giving of myself as a bride does on her wedding nite….
Ive chosen to break my alabaster box before my saviour for he is worth it. I dont want my relationship to be about what i get but what i give, oh how i long for the day i will see you face to face to behold your beauty….i no longer want a mediocre relationship with Jesus but an intimate radical relationship…
Lord how my heart longs for you how i pursue your heart each and everyday of my life……giving you all that i was,all that am and all that i ever hoped to be.

As a lady of diligence i will serve you Lord, show me the areas you want me to serve in your church. As single women we are privillaged to have time and opportunity to serve God. Lets not take it for granted. All of us were created for a purpose in the body of christ dont leave an unfulfilled life…its time we stopped with the pity parties and cultivate a real relationship with God, how many of us have put our lives on hold? You know we are still waiting for the right guy,right job, right opportunity etc some of us 5 years down the line live in half furnished house since we regard it as a temporary place before you get the mansion! Well am tired of surviving even existing. I want to live! I dont want to wait for anyone or anything to live better,dress better,exercise better,go back to school, buy and look different…nah it starts now me doing all this coz am worth it. Am a child of the most high God and am promised a full life! So here are three things i personally need to do that ive put on hold.
1. Go on a holiday! Yep alone and enjoy and relax.
2. Furnish my house. its time it became a home.
3. Go for a photo shoot! I have several frames 2yrs down the line with no photos…
4. Volunteer to speak at girl schools and teens. This is my calling i think its time i answered.
5.Sing and serve at intimacy and aflewo. I have a feeling God wants me to be apart of something big this year so when he calls all i will say is yes Lord what would you have me do.
This are some of the few things..yes there is plenty believe me with God all things are possible…
So as we live now dont let your purpose pass you by find your ministry and give it your all…..

The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.


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