AM A WOMAN-inspired by Lawi Mwangi

Its 3:30am again, heh God clearly comes at odd hours he he he remember no one knows the day, the time,nor the hour of his coming so when he calls regardless of what time it is! I will answer….
Here am Lord what would you have me do?

So today i finally confessed, becaming a house wife is not such a bad idea,especially when your children are still young and trying to learn all this growing up stuff….i know what your thinking! No it has nothing to do with the fact that Imani Maina was baptized today i mean she is a beautiful baby Wah! Or the fact that i was surrounded with so many mmmm 92 other babies yea the sermon was tricky today he he he babies crying but interesting all the same… later today as i was confessing my new found motherly instinct it kinda came as a surprise! Ok let me introduce you to ciiku 5 years ago or rather all life till recently…Corporate woman,closing deals in style,high heels shoes,killer mini suit, professional make up, black bmw,black brief case, gold and visa cards, a flirty mode when needed,and a scent you wouldnt forget even if you tried to! I was out to get the world,out to be a man…out to prove that a woman can do anything and even more than a man can, marriage was well if it happened fine if it dint a house in nyali,a weekend at the bahamas and hell even a vibrator would come in handy…. As for babies well my dears that was definately not my calling i mean every baby i carried screamed their lungs out!! Its like they were screaming chick this aint your forte find your path he he he he

So two years ago all this started to come into shape the killer job,killer contracts and deals,shaking hands with important people,some holiday here and there and living life in the fast lane! Was loving it! I had everything i wanted ! At the end of each day i would go home or in a restaurant and have supper, i would be sitted there all alone and even after celebrating a big deal closed in the office i couldnt get to celebrate it out of the office…i mean i had friends but hardly had time to see them, couldnt call my family coz ive bounced going home for a month and they couldnt take my word that i would make it the next weekend…..

Today evening a saw a woman lying in a trench beside the road,for me nairobi is cold and the way she was dressed wasnt helping at all….she was drunk,she was weeping, and this man they were with asked her to alight from the mat that they were in but she wouldnt. So he came out shoved her on the pavement and started driving off….some people crowded and i had to leave,

We live in the man era so its called and as women we constantly try to beat men in so many ways! I mean look at us we are successful, we are famous,we are intelligent, and man cant we multi task! As men were being Created by God,He took time to Design women. He knew exactly what he was doing when he created you a woman, God took his time to instill the water tanks in your eyes that just start when we have a woishe moment,he created a fragile heart coz he knew loving a man well its not easy he he he,God created those open arms for me to hug even the unhuggeble(i try to stop but i cant:)). He created us strong to face even the most toughest situations and still come out scarred but alive, He created in us a hope when everyone else has given up. He created in us motherly instincts to care and love even those who have hurt us along the way, If God was to do an advert about a woman i guarantee you we would all vuka to the better option.

Am a Woman and am here to stay, so as i climb this ladder to my career this is the one thing i dont want to forget… i plan to put on my killer suit and close deals,as i make business calls and get the urge to be flirtatious i remind myself am a woman,act like a lady think like a man-steve harvey…he he he i dont think so….man enough to be a woman-jayne courty and how to became a man by john birma somethng….Men play dirty women play dirtier and in the process loose not only their morals,self worth,esteem coz as much as you try to hide it,nothing that happens in the dark will not come to light,

i know people say live life its never that serious….i say would rather live life being me than being buried as someone else.
Aretha franklin’s a rose still a rose…baby girl your still a flower….so no matter what has happened in the past, the angels stand in awe of you because you are fearfully and wonderfully made….

Genesis 2:22-23


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