Mountain Climbing

For everyone who has tried going up the mountain before will tell you that if your not in shape then better re-consider something else, so no i havent been in good shape lately, and yes i have good reasons for not waking up early to exercise like other normal days…but still i set out mountain climbing for a week am actually almost at the mountain peak since its friday and man !! the view,the anticipation ,the relief,the moment ive been waiting for is almost near, i dont know how many of us have seen the ribena advert..the way that purple berry just burst its beautiful,smooth,exciting purple colour,sweet !!! yep so you can imagine am going to be on top of this mountain on sunday. the camera flashing, my friends cheering, my mission accoplished, my answers waiting,my fruits riping, hey it may even rain the Lord does have a good sense of homour, he likes to introduce and celebrate his own in style.

I know what your thinking, so what people have climbed mountains before ?? and al tell you yes, they have hell ive attempted many times before !! i only lasted a day or two and in those days all i did was complain and nag, asking God why ? do i really need to do this ?? whens the next meal ?? ohh Lord i cant and honestly it was so pathetic !! so how did i make it this far this time ?? well it was LOVE, yep they say love can make you do crazy things…climb mountains,cross valleys,die for people and hey love people before you even met them !! what was backstreet thinking ??
remember the days when you were in high school and its friday and guys will receive letters , smelling of perfume and sfter reading it at the bottm there would be the DEDICATIONS .


for you i will by monica
soledad by west life
i knew i loved you before i met you -backstreet boyz
as long as you love me by backstreet boys…

sounds familiar huh!! well thats what got me..i got myself the love bug !! i mean how could i not fall for him ?? he is the perfect thing that ever happened to me, he is the kinda guy you take home to meet mama !! he is kind,he listens,he patient,loving,caring,understands,humble,faithful,he provides and protects me i mean i would be crazy not to have done this for him, he loves mountain climbing, he explained it this way, visualise it,

Me and my beloved walking hand in hand, throught the expedition peaks, smilling and laughing and enjoying each others company,the ropes and safety harness tying us together as we conquired steep rocks climbing up, mastering the grasps when faced with the steep copped peaks, slidding through the steeper terrains yelling all the way,beating the altitude sickness that would have me throwing up two days in a row…baby if we could beat the altitude and terrain we could beat up anything that came our way… could i say no to that ?? how could i say no to spending time with the love of my life, giving myself, my whole self fully and completly to him to have his way with me, intimacy at its deepest of levels, of couse it was hard, i cried, pleaded to go back home but this time he held my hand, he carried me, he gave me water to drink, he nursed me back to health,five days later we still holding hands,giggling, as we climbing on higher by each passing second,minute,hour and day….loving and cherishing each moment we spend together,making memories through this journey to remind us why we need to take this trip every so often…..

Love breeds sacrifice, and my sacrifise to this mountain has costed me, food,facebook,television and some friends….. as i come to a close in my fast this week i cant help but fall in love with you more Lord…i loved, i served,i danced,i sang, i listened and heard….

psalm 84

i love you LORD.

Wanjiku Ndungu


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