Of my love and hate for Nairobi

Nairobi, some call it the sin city, the city which never sleeps or like i still call it, the city of many lights. In this city i have fallen in love and fallen out of love.
ask any of my close friends and they will tell you i hate nairobi coz of its weather, i mean you have to admit its ridiculous cold, it rains without notice and the thieves dont make it easier enough to sit or walk without holding to your purse for dear life !!! ohh dont get me started on the chokoras !!! been attacked once, if it wasnt for a guy i had met earlier that day recognizing me and shooing the boys off i would have been smelling like an open sewer all the way home !!

Love can make you do crazy thinngs like travelling on a friday night, fikaing the city sato morning, hooking up with friends on sato afte, church sunday morning and spending time with a boyfriend sunday afternoon and geting back on the bus the same day at 9:00pm and still make it to the office 8:00am monday morning…..can u blame me ? nairobi has great looking guys..there is something about a guy who looks good and smells great !! used to tell a friend that every time i came to nairobi i would get confused !! nyanganyikiwa kabiasa !!! i mean even the touts have it going on !!!

Long distance relationship are the most sensitive most hardest relationships to keep going, constant communication and misintepretation of messages and phone talks are the order of the day !! i should know, two of the most significnt(at the time) relationships ive been in were long distance, from mombasa and botswana, and nairobi. if a couple does not have clear communication lines, thats a sure recipe for disaster, trust is the key to everything here…

my escapades

We met at a camp some years ago and i though he was the most handsome man alive !! 3 years later he told me he loved me and hey i was already smitten so we gave it a go with the long distance thing….several friday and sunday night trips later it proved difficult and we both went our separate ways….we still peoples and talk once in a very long while…

You see kids it was a one of those boring afternoons that i was going through your aunt chrsitine’s wall ad there he was, tall, light and handsome, believe it or not kids the moment i saw him i knew i would spend the rest of my life with him, or so i thought, so as we got to know each other over the rest of the year alot happened, he got his heart broken with a girl he had been seeing and like a good friend i was there to…you know what girls do !!
I dint know i had fallen in love until a year later when we started dating and i made my first trip to nairobi, yep i was finally going to meet the love of my life and sure enough i wasnt dissapointed, the rest of that week was like a honeymoon for the two us and life had never seem so beautiful, not once in my mind did i even think he might be an onyacha (the serial killer) or just another nairobian con-artist !! i was in love !!! We dint end up living happlly ever after….

How about grabbing your girlfriend and heading to nairobi on friday night only to reveal to her that the guys who was taking us up the mountain ….well i had never met him !!!!, you should have seen my girlfriends horrified face !!! but as it turned out that guy rocked !!! and he mad me see a better side of nairobi…

I know there are many things that we have done as far as relationships are concerned that we have vowed to NEVER EVER go back to, in this case mine was never ever date someone from nairobi i prayed and told God long distance NEVER Ever !!! for some its to never ever date kikuyu’s or taita’s, some is to never ever love again, and others to never ever forgive the ones that have hurt us,or other because of pride have vowed to never ever repair that broken marriage…..

My heart has been expectant and happy when i get on that bus on frday nite but it doesnt necessary mean that it wasnt bleeding when i left on sunday nite…. love is many things 1 cor 13:4-13 and no matter how many times ive had my heart broken or how scarred it maybe i choose to love…..so am not saying Never, Ever coz not all men are the same,girls dont believe that lie, and i cant wait to get on the bus this friday nite !!!!

1 Corinthians 13:4-13: ‘Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. . .And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’

Wanjiku Ndungu


5 thoughts on “Of my love and hate for Nairobi

  1. wow! I must say that this is an awesome masterpiece written directly from your heart!

    I must agree that Love has a way of doing things that we have vowed not to do again after we have suffered some setbacks.

    I have found myself there severally and I have realized that overtime, we end up doing what we had vowed not to not because we are naive or we are not principled but its all because of LOVE!

    I can write my own piece here… lol!
    Thabks for the insight as well.. I’ve known a diiferent side of Nairobi that you hate but realisticaly… you have falen in LOVE wit Nairobi…

    Bless you dearie!


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