Dont waste the preety….

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. -Proverbs 13:20

Do you know I just realize you are on of the most discouraging people I’ve ever met!!! And funny enough you package it so well with concern and examples that if someone dint know better they would actually believe you!! Hell I’ve believed you way too many times. Just think about it?? Every time I’ve ever suggested anything about growing, starting or buying and moving you have always had something negative to say about it! But thank God I have people in my life now, who believe in me and a God keeps on reminding me everyday that there is nothing unachievable!! In this world….just thought you should know.

The day of reckoning was that afternoon, I mean she still couldn’t figure out why she dint go for lunch, why her day was so slow and how tired she felt! Sick and tired was more like it….so as she sent that text she felt anger and resentment ad bitterness towards this person who was once a close friend, she yelled and snapped at everyone in the office that day…. how did they get here she wondered?? we were always happy, had so much in common, sharing our love of fast food, good movies, the outdoors, finishing each others sentences ,stealing glances and sharing private jokes….so how did it come up to this ??

Oh this is where it started, when she told him that she wanted to start a business! So she let him on her plans and he said he would throw in a good word with the money people only to realize later that he took her plan and run with it! Or is it when she told him that she had met someone??? he doesn’t care about you like I do, he said. Cant treat and pamper you like he would she believe, what about the time she got that great offer in the new company ??? ohh great package but will you hack it ??? And the weather there ? I don’t think you going to like it….

.ohh don’t get her wrong this dude was a smooth brother he just dint come up with abjections?? He came with facts!! And the fact was that they were so close to some point gave him the upper hand on some inside info, inside enough to rock her world for ten minutes..that’s all it lasted before the shame and guilt spread, so he knew things like like what mad her sad ?? What she cared for ?? What made her mad?? How to make her smile? What moves her? What touches her heart? What does she feel about what? Where and how will she react?? What are her strengths? ohh don’t forget the important things like weakness, failures and dreams….yeeep he had her figured out like a tune peanut butter sandwich!!! Just spread and yummy!!

Four months after walking out of their friendship she felt lost! I mean how could she have depended on a man that way?? How? To everybody she was HER, miss independent, miss know it and fix it all, hell she could tell what wrong with you even before u could utter a word!!! What had happened to her?? When her best friend met him she asked so what do you think??

She said: there was an ex-factor about him…..

She responded ex wat??

She wondered?? he is the sweetest man I know!

She convinced herself-she just doesn’t know him well….

So here she was trying to find out why they feel out, she thought after the spontaneous holidays, dinners, lunches, ice cream dates, movies and other benefits were gone they still would salvage something….anything…..then it kicked reality finally kicked in !!! the lying son of a gun !!

She looked past her year and all the dreams she had, all the hopes, all frozen. All stuck , all breathless gasping for air, all the voices in her head laughing at her , screaming at her, condemning her calling her all sorts of names……remembering all the times she tried to take a step but was held back listening to the voices in her head……does she have cause to blame him ???

Some people would say NO!

She has a mind of her own,

She aint stupid!

Hey she should carry her own cross!!

The guy from the back would yell…get a life!!

Another would cry out you suck!!!

But the still, inner voice would remind her that He knows her by name that her name is written on the palms of her hand, she He will never forsake her
That is a very serious warning. Foolish friends can literally destroy your life. Consider this the next time you’re out with a group of people, and you’re considering who to talk with, and who to avoid and how deep in your hear and life these people go. take stock of your friends and see who is dragging you down hey while yur at it, check who you are dragging down…mhhh like ester always says…..dont waste the preety….

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.


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