Psalm 4:3 know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself, the Lord will hear when I call to him.

My alarm rang at 5:30 on the dot this morning, funny enough I had a peaceful night this is funny because whenever I go for a sleep over well, its not my bed so I will wake up at night at some point, toss and turn for a while then go back to sleep, you all know what I mean. when its not your bed, its just Not your bed!!! So I woke up and checked the time to make sure it was really 5:30, i looked over at my friend who i assumed was still sleeping,woke and grabbed my bible and headed to the next room, I started convincing myself that I dint really have to jog that morning coz first of all, I was a guest and I dint have my running shoes and shorts and jacket but apart of me felt guilty and so I went took some shorts I had left the last time I was there and hit the road !! ohh yea I grabbed a leso as well and tied it on my waist. I decide am just going to walk for a while to clear my head before my devotion, but as I got to the road I felt the urge to run but kept on wondering what would people think?? Is she mad ?? Imagine me in a pink nightgown a leso around my waist, wearing sleepers jogging around vescon area at 5:30 in the morning???

I took off, my eyes focused forward on the prize that was before me. I ran for a while I caught some ladies looking at me weirdly…well the guys urged me on!!! Funny thing the one thing that came to my mind was with woman who jogged every morning unlike me she is actually in real sense insane so I imagine what people thought, did they think I was crazy?? Insane, had lost it, was running away from some something, but that woman gave me some comfort of sorts I mean if she could why couldn’t I? Besides am I really normal?? was I born to be normal ?? Where is it written that we all have to do the same things the same way??

When are born, we start to grow, go to kindergarten or nursery school, baby class (what’s the difference anyway ??) we join primary school eight years of hard work then high school 4 beautiful years of freedom !! then college, all this in pursuit of the perfect job, well paying job, satisfying job, great benefits, the we meet that special someone ,we get married and have two three kids and we work some more, take care of the family ,send kids to school to start the whole process all over again !!! Then one day we age, we die we are buried and we are no more…..6months later they don’t mention your name no more coz you’re gone, you have no use for the living….your just but a memory…..

All this while when were alive we prayed alittle,praised a little, worshipped a little, gave a little, went to a nice church, had nice friends, nice sermons being preached every Sunday, nice clean well kept bibles, and we convinced ourselves that we lived a full life !! All this while God is trying to get your attention, all this while He is saying shiko I have different plans for you!!! Listen to me!! We go through some difficult moments yet we forget the lessons, fail to see God wanting to get our attention, But no we are too busy making life happen….i mean is this all ?? Because if it is, I have no difference from the guy who is sitting next to me right now…no difference at all. Do I want to be like every person I meet in the streets?? because if God wanted us all to be the same thing, then we would all look the same, we would go to the same schools, same colleges, get married to the same man, have the same gifts and talents SAME ! SAME! SAME!! The why did he take the take time to make all of us different??

When are we ever going to take time from our busy schedules of life to actually ask God why he created us?? Lord why did you create me?? What is my purpose for my life?? What is this that you had in mind for me that you made me?? What I missing Lord, where am I going wrong?? Why am I working so hard to achieve? Why am I here?? We are hundred and thousands of Christians in this country yet we still have people who do not have or know who Christ is?? who do not have food to eat, who do not have a place to stay, who do not have hope for life, who are ailing in hospitals, who are dying, who are demon posses, who are drunk day in day out, who smoke their lungs to their graves, who leave women and children behind, who are still bound by adultery …… so many yet we in silent still pray a little, praise a little, worship a little, gave a little, go to a nice church, have nice friends, nice sermons every Sunday, nice clean well kept bibles, and we convinced ourselves that we lived a full life….how are we alive ?? Some one please tell me how are we ALIVE?? How, when we have healers amongst us, intercessors, demon chasers, preachers, interpreters of tongues, teachers,. The devil has take hold of us and made us so afraid that we dare move! For some of us we dare not even dream!! We have so much potential so much energy so much power yet we don’t realize it!! we are so bound by fear of failure, rejection, being mis- understood, mockery, and even our capabilities….people its time we break loose and do what is being commanded of us, its time we sit down with God and ask him Lord show me what to do, show me where am supposed to be at, show me my responsibility for my generation.

The disciples of Jesus were called Christians because they followed Christ…they forsook everything and followed Christ! The had a relationship with Christ… the Jesus Christ was their first P.R.I.O.R.I.T.Y. Christianity to them was not a religion but a relationship!! The spent time reading the word and praying asking God to reveal the mysteries of his word so that they could preach the good news to however they came across to….people we are not ORDINARY! We are not NORMAL!! When you accept Christ in you life are SET APART for God to be used by him to complete what we had set you to do .can u imagine getting to heaven and God telling me ohh well you lived alright but dint do anything I had planned you to do so please step aside.

Do you know why you are alive?? Why you were created?? If you don’t the ask Him, yes literally ask God, sit and ask!! Let preachers preach to you but read the word for yourself as well!! Get to know what, where, how God wants you to go about your purpose by reading the word of God. I will give you the same challenge I got a sunday back, take 10 minutes everyday away from all the noise and sit still…ask God to speak to you, and be quite to listen and do all that he asks of you.

Until the nets are full -Peter Odanga



10 thoughts on “SET ME APART!!

  1. thanks guys you have no idea the things we are capable of yet we are still stuck to the same rat race of life, the other day God asked me if he was enough !! is he enough, if i lost everything i called my own, if i lost my family and friends…like Job if i lost everything and walked the streets with nothing to call my own ! will God be enough for me ??

    friends lets come to a place were we leave totally for Christ forsaking all for him.

  2. Thanx alot Shiko/Wanjiku. i may not know yoy personally bt ua post has really blessed me coz thats what av been battling of late.I jst wnt to knw Gods purpose for me on this Earth,why he created me n if am actually doing what he created me for.Jst as u said,am sitting down with myself n asking myself these question jst to knw if am still in the right path or not.

    ai get back soon after i get an answer to my questions. Thanx alot n b blessed.

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