just like God intended….

I wonder in the streets of the city trying to find my way, clearing my head, where are we going wrong i ask myself, what are we arguing about i don have answers….kanji song plays in my head….na na na na na na….great song,it reminds me of simple days of yesterday when we were young and relationships and friendships were not oh so complicated.
Days when we got to know each other as you pulled my hair and i threw stones at you, when i would hide behind my mothers dress when your parents came over for Sunday dinner…when i love you was not a word we used until we meant it, when we would sit at the pack and watch old couples snuggle and smile, when you held my hand and never let go till i got to the last step to our house….

where did it all go ?? the innocence at 12 when i said i loved you and you loved me too…when my friends would make fun as you passed by at the football field, when u made me my first mix tape,when i would wear pink just coz it was girly, when you would give me your jersey before and after the football season to mark your territory….when you kissed me for the first time at the school prom.

where did it all go ?? when i went to high school and couldnt wait to come over for the school holidays, when you wrote me letters and purfumed them…..when we stayed up late at night on the roof top discussing our future how i would go to law school and you will play pro, all the plans..when i would wait for you at the same bench,same time everyday….all the time…..when i gave myself to you for the first time thinking it was the right thing to do, well everyone was doing it right ???

am a bit grown now, a bit wiser, i dint study law, you dint go pro…..at some point our plans changed, how did we get here ??? today we met we argued, i stormed off….am seated out side a restaurant people coming in and going out wondering what they are thinking……are they happy ?? are u happy ??? are they fulfilled ?? or are they making the same mistakes all over again !!!!

what influences them i wonder ?? is it the radio ? the tv ? the movies ? their parents ? the books they read ?why do they do things the way they do ?? why do they make the decisions they make ?? i think of you and remember how different we are, how society has shaped us, i ask myself why should i be on time ? why should you have a job ? why should i work ? are we doing everything in this life because we are lead by God or by the influences around us ?? do you know that i love to sing ??? love to preach ?? love to nurture women ?? love to write and travel…am i doing all this to the best of my ability ???

so we are arguing all the time, who said we have to be happy all the time ?? where is it written that we are supposed to be compatible ?? where is the fun in having someone who likes the same things, does the same things that i do ?? love is a mystery, marriage is a mystery how two people born in different places, different upbringing come together and became one… no its not about two half people…its two whole person….becoming one..mathematics by the creator of marriage and relationships himself ! i don’t see why we don’t search the bible for answers to our relationships, to our marriage…when Adam was asleep God created eve, so tell me how in the world does man know how marriage is supposed to be ?? how its supposed to run ?? ask your self why is Satan so crazy and adamant about breaking relationships that are tied to the Lord, that are led by God, that God is the sole foundation !!! why are we arguing about petty issues, oh he/she doesn’t do this or that ?? why cant we take time and ask God what he intended ! what was his plan ?? how did he create it? if your already married ask him how to work it out ! you see since we have been following our own definition of love and relationships some of us are married to the wrong people ! God never intend you to be married by Robert or Ashley… but noo she was pretty and funny, and he was intelligent and a provider etc….

why are we living life looking for someone who completes us when that can only be accomplished By GOD??? what influences you ?? who and what is your authority ??? what are you waiting to change in that person before you say i do ?? all am saying is stop setting yourself for failure…..God created that person, the influences around them changed them…go back to the creator to ask him the way to go…..check our influences and ensure they are the right ones….

questions on who to marry ? when to marry ?? how to resolve conflict ? your purpose for life ? how to change someone he he he he are all in the beginning…..genesis, dig in my love and hear what the Lord has to say concerning all things….if only husbands will read the bible before that affair, if only wives would read the bible before plotting and visit the witch doctors….if only we could teach our children how to read the bible from when they are born !!!

Imagine the possibilities, a new generation, a new mindset….a fresh beginning….

i miss the simple love of yesterday….

Wanjiku Ndungu


8 thoughts on “just like God intended….

  1. deep… lots of emotions and searching in all that… lots of missing bits… streets to be found, hearts to be bound… wounds to heal, hearts shouldn’t be sealed… a God to follow, a life to live in peace

  2. Another wonderful post that points us to God for direction. I’ve been guilty of wasting my mind and time looking for someone that can complete me instead of looking to God to do that. It’s like I know that He is the only one that can do that but I’m too impatient to be in a relationship to slow down, wait on the Lord, and let Him give me the true joy and peace that only He can provide. Obedience to the Bible and obedience to the voice of God’s Spirit in humble prayer would save us a lot of hardship and heartache.

  3. Wow!!! Wow!!!
    Deep and true!! I totally agree with you that we need to go back and dig from the roots!! We need to understand the Master-planner’s thoughts before we make serious mistakes in life!

    Marriage is a bond that once tied, you can’t break it! If you make the bond with the wrong person, you gotta live with the pain, resentments and anguish it entails and brings; but how fun, lovely, enjoyable and fulfilling it would be if we fell under the PERFECT plan/will and not the PERMISSIVE plan/will of the Master-Planner!!

    Thanks Shish!!!

  4. Shiko…You have no idea how proud I am of..Your articles are well thought out and non pretentious…noyt like some fuddy duddy blogs,where the person writing them is so high strung and uptight about faith,that they forget the little things,the important ones..

    Its been a pleasure reading them all.

  5. Shiko…You have no idea how proud I am of..Your articles are well thought out and non pretentious…not like some fuddy duddy blogs,where the person writing them is so high strung and uptight about faith,that they forget the little things,the important ones..

    Its been a pleasure reading them all.

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  8. Lovely piece Wanjiku. Good work you are doing here. Only God can complete us. If everyone understood this message there would be alot less heartbreaks in the world.

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