I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen
Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire

Before you stone me..seriously dont you wanna ?? but at what cost i ask ??
My name is mercy she said and continued to give answers to a question we were discussing during interaction time in church, i looked at her stared is more like it, this neighbour i had lived with in the same estate for over a year, her name was mercy…later she told me that she had an elder son one that i had never seen nor met, you see mercy to me was known as mama kariuki , the woman i said hey to once in a while in the corridors of our house, and when i dint want to i would quickly open my door and lock it from the inside…honestly there are a couple of times i had feign being asleep when she knocked on my door since i dint want to be distrurbed or was too buy with a movie…or just felt like i dint want to talk associate or relate with anyone…for a whole year….

Love your neighbour as you love yourself, the bible says yet we ignore this first part of the verse and totally work hard to accomplish the” loving ourselves part “ am not trying to attack you, just stating the facts , i mean how any of us whether you live in town or in the interior “gishagi” really know the people that live around us ? christian or no christian , how many of us take the time to say hi ? hello ? ask their neighbour how they are ? their health? Their family ?? friends we live in a selfish fast paced world where everything is about us !! ME ME ME !! what do i want ? where do i want to live ?how much money do i want to earn ? how many kids do i want to hav ? which school do i want to attend ?whats in it for me ! we have became too busy hassling and making money and getting MBA’s after MBA’S that we have forgotten how to live !! we go to work in our posh cars with tinted windows,close ourselves in our glass windowed offices, ride back home in the evening to comfort of our houses withous as much as a hello to the gateman that opens your gate every morning, or a smile to the woman who cleans your house, some of us are so busy with this life that we have no time for our own families,we are just “chassing the paper “ as my friends would call it. We go from one promotion to the next trying to beat everyone climbing the corporate ladder , but for what ?? so that you can seem better than other people ?? richier than the rest of them?…..

Ok ok i hear, you dont live this kinda of lifestyle but even in that small estate of yours how many times have you passed your neighbour or neighbours kids withous as much as a smile on their way,do you even know their names ?? yet you call them neighbour…when we start out in life we want is a room to call our own, so we work hard and get it and its exciting and beautiful, but after sometime we want something more so we get a bedsitter (you know one that has its own kitchen place and bathroom) and we are comfortable but still after sometime we start wishing for that one beroomed which we get only to start eyeing for the two bedroomed that we dont need….this is me right here, it hits home so bad….i always told God that if he would give me a bigger place i would make it a place where people could come and feel at home and sheltered and cared for….i have failed to keep this promise many times and its only recently i found myself praying God give me a bigger place and i heard the quetion what for ?? what have you done with the little that you have to deserve more ?? friends the reason why we dont get much is because we dont give much ….the bible says in Acts 20:35 that it is more blessed to give that to receive…selfishness leads to unhappiness , most of us think that when we get more we will finally be fullfilled which isnt true because you will always want more..i will always want more….

I see depressed people everyday hassling busting their their precious time chassing the paper ,chasing dreams getting frustrated with God praying and fasting and calling out the name of the Lord yet the answer He gave them 10 years ago is still there waiting to be acted upon, giving of your time,of your money, of your possesions, of yourself….next time before you pray and ask God how comes your life is messed up,serve other people and see the difference it makes in your life,we live in a society where its more easier and acceptable to receive than to give. I mean look at our kids today they have grown up to be such if i my use this word “brats” undiscpline,rude and selfish like us, what happened to the days when our friends mum would beat the hell out of us for cursing or answering back, and when we reported the incident to our parents they wuould take the belt to beat us some more.? What happened to the days when we would come from school early and the neighbour would welcome us in their house and we would do our home work and watch tv ,feed us even, as we waited for mum to come from work ?? what happened to the days when if a neighbours relative was getting married or being burried we would be there first inline to offer support and comfort and a shoulder and chip in helping to cook and clean and decorate ?? what happened to us ??

Someone i respect wrote something yesterday, you see she has a friend who is getting married but their partner doesnt know that this person they are marrying is Hiv positive, she is not ready to tell this friend because she feels its not her place to do so ? one thing i know is that when two are joined together no one should separate , this two are not joined together yet , yet we find this cases around us all the time, yet, we decide to keep our mouths shut, not to interfere claiming its not in our places or afraid of being the bad guy…..when, please tell me when did we start handing over death sentences to people ? when did we loose our moral responsibilities, when did we stop caring ? when did we begin to give up on the human race forgetting that we are actually giving up on ourselves ?? ME ME ME ! its always about me, yet your neighour faces death as you watch, yet their kids engage in sex and alcohol as you watch, yet life slips away fromt them as you watch….
This especialy hits home for the ladies who live on their own…..too busy working,too busy with the ups and downs of life..competing with so and so to acquire this and that ,Ive asked myself if i was to die in my sleep today who will find me first ?? people from work will calll of course, my sister might think something is up but she would rush to my place first,……my neighbour would go on with their lives untill they discover that something is not smelling right in this house……people let us not be selfish with our time, our money,our possesions….dont live life on the fast lane to acquire earthly goods that have no heavenly use, lets not forget the greatest commandment of all, whether you are chrsistian,muslim,buddist,ethist or catholic….Love your neighbour as you love yourself.The greatest example we see of service and love is when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples…..so whose feet are you washing today ??

Wanjiku Ndungu


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