Previously in Wanjiku’s life…

The Following Events Take Place Between 5:08am and 7pm on the 16th of August 2010.

Previously in wanjiku’s life.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Hope your well up there in heaven, it’s been a while or maybe forever since I last wrote to you. I realized that I don’t write or say much this days, I don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am busy! Super busy with work, school, and more work, I have tried several times to but no avail to create more time for us but this effort usually last for a few days before the routine and cycle begins.

I know what you’re thinking or I think know, is she serious?? Hasn’t she learnt anything from the guys that I have put on the sword, flooded with water and so many other people i have used as examples, the punishments or lessons given to many men and women in the bible who dared worshiped something else more than they did ME. Doesn’t she know that all this is vanity a chasing after the wind…Your word states clearly that nothing and I mean nothing should come before you and your place in my life and today I say sorry yes Lord I apologies for my selfish behavior and petty excuses.

Am sorry that I no longer come for our ice cream dates on Sunday after service,

Am sorry that I never invite you to sit with me at that hiding place upstairs, in the office,

Am sorry that I’ve neglected coming in your presence in that secluded place in my home meant for you,

Am sorry that I never hold conversations with you on the road when heading to work or walking at the yard at work, or by the road side, at the newspaper stand or in the banking hall.

Am sorry that I don’t smile at people more often to reflect the joy of your salvation,

Am sorry that I don’t rejoice as much everyday when I hit the set target sales,

Am sorry that I try and run my life my own way,

Am sorry I try to fit my family in my life, when they are supposed to be priority, you have clearly said that I should honor my parents but I rarely see them enough to say thank you or even call enough to tell them I love them.

Am sorry I don’t tell you how my day has been when I get home in the evening,

Am sorry I never take the time to share your love and gift of salvation to those around me,

Am sorry my prayers have been short, yet I have so much to say,

Am sorry for listening to the voices in my head and my life instead of listening to you,

Am sorry for thinking I can reason on my own, am sorry for not saying thank you when I have.

The gift of life
Food on the table,
Clothes to wear,
A roof over my head,
A family that loves and cares for me,
Friends who build and encourage me.
A job,
Neighbors and co-workers who want to know you,
A fellowship of believers at Iccm,
Good health,
Sound mind and so many other things……

Am sorry for thinking that its always about me when it should be always about YOU. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving and choosing me.

I love you Lord JESUS.

Who or what have you been worshiping lately ?
Who or what has taken over your time ?
Who or what has been the center of your attention ?
Who or what comes first in your life ?
Who or what are you thankful for ?

Wanjiku Ndungu


2 thoughts on “Previously in Wanjiku’s life…

  1. Aww. Nice… *sniffle* thanks for sharing… had told myself I wouldn’t comment because I’ve been in your face a lot these past two days but this is beautiful!! Blessings.

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