…..Love of my life

As i write this words today i am reminded of your love for me, Lord your unconditional love for me, a sinner like me, bits and pieces of clay that you have put together to form me, I am reminded of your forgiveness not only for my sins that are known, but of those unknown, those done in secret, those i was always comfortable with in the closet or the privacy of my house, I am reminded that i will give account of my life on this earth, Lord i pray that i will not shame you, that i will hear you say, welcome home good and faithful servant.

Heavenly father how i love and long for you each and everyday of my life, As a dear pants for water so does my soul thirst for thee…. I have decided to set my heart on a pilgrimage in search of your heart, your will,so that i may not only dwell in your courts but in that secret place….to quench my thirst with your spirit, to sit at the foot of the cross, at the feet on your throne, God how you love me, You loved me when i dint deserve you, deserve anything, when i was queen of my own life, running medicated and frustrated,You looked at me with eyes of compassion, you covered my shame and promised that never again will you make me an object of scorn to the nations, A jealous God you are with none other will you share first place.

Lord i have returned to you with all my heart,with fasting and weeping and mourning have i come,rendering my heart and not my garments to you, For you my Lord are gracious and compassionate,slow to anger and abounding in love,always relenting on sending calamities, You have had pity on me for i have left my gift at the altar, i have broken my alabaster box at your feet.I acknowledge and take heart this day that, there is only one God, you alone are GOD of the heavens and earth below, you who led the children of israel out of captivity , and time and time again they fell but still you kept your promise for they enterered canaan.

Lord you saved me not because of righteous things that i had done, but because of your mercy,you saved me. Thank you, for your Holy Spirit whom you have poured out on me so generously,so that having justified by your grace,i would become an heir having the hope of eternal life.

So my beautiful Saviour,Lord and Master I will wait for you, i will wait on you, i will seek to passionately pursue the One as i wait for the one.I will seek your kingdom first and your righteousness.i will give to the needy in secret so that my father will reward me,i will seek you with my heart in prayer even as the Holy spirit continues to intecede for me,i will set myself apart and meet you in that secret place,i will lay all my treasures in you, for where my treasure is there my heart is also. I will no longer worry about what i will eat,drink or wear, because is not life more important than food ? and the body more important than clothes ? i will look up at the birds,they do not sow nor reap yet you feed them, I am i not more valuable that they you ask…..i will seek you, in the morning when i arise and call upon you, in the noon time. I will declare of your wonderful deeds, and in the night as i lay my head to sleep i will count my blessings….one by one..

I love you my king and saviour, you will always be my One, my First, my beginning and my end. my Alpha and Omega.

You are the love of my life.

Wanjiku Ndungu


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