Mzungu !!! -my foreign queens

She held back her tears, yet her pain is something she could not hide, the body has a language of its own it can give away our thoughts and feelings without us uttering a word. Her pain so deep, my ears was the only thing I could offer her right now.

It’s not the first time a beautiful white skinned, long glassy haired and blue, brown eyed queen had come to me broken, afraid, rejected, bruised and stained. Each time I felt like judas, each time, I prayed that I would not be around to face them. A coward!! Yes a coward that’s what I had been.

I knew he dint love her, I knew he was using her, I knew he was married with 3 kids, I knew…Yes I knew but I never once said anything to her…I never once questioned or warned her, I left her to her fate… “Hey it doesn’t affect me in any way! Besides it wasn’t my business” I would excuse it, “and besides this white women never listen! She might think I am after her man or something”…I concluded. But the day she found out that I her confidant knew, she dint go to him but came to me, asking me, begging me, screaming at me. Her Judas…her betrayer

As Mary screamed that day I couldn’t help but feel I had failed her, I had betrayed our friendship as she vowed to never set foot in Kenya again…a woman whose every October was spent in one of the most respected hotels in Mombasa had no respect for my country any more nor for its male species. She made it her quest to ensure that every woman she knew would hear her story but I guessed some months down the line she saw it pointless because the same thing happened all over again with her friend, or maybe it was too painful and shameful to share. In some weird way I drew comfort for the fact that they were both not saved, and maybe it was a punishment so some sort, how pathetic…

If you have ever lived or visited the coastal environs of Mombasa you would see them, all lovey dovey interracial couples walking the streets, strolling the beach, sharing drinks, holding hands, wining and dining and generally having the time of their lives! Many are stories behind these relationships, a hook up from a friend, a random meeting in a club, a good worker in a hotel or the most common feigning to be a maasai warrior….goodness haven’t I seen it all.

Having worked previously in the hotel industry and noting the difference between two male friends, one dating a mzungu, yet they already were married with children and to see how these guys skimmed and plotted on how to use the beautiful white skinned queens to gain wealth and acquire positions through lies and fake medical bills and documents of every kind.

When I met Leeann and Ivy a few years later after mars incident, I hesitated in sharing my fears with them because they were dating some decent saved brothers that I knew, but as months went on I could sense in my spirit that it wasn’t all well. So as the ladies got to confide in me I realized that it was the same pattern with Mary, I told them about Mary but they sort of shrugged it off since they believed that the guys they were dating would do them no harm, I tried pointing the same patterns but they wouldn’t hear any of it, so I sort of let it go. Needless to say the guys were not pleased in my meddling.

Several years later ivy got married and Leeann got engage and my worst fears were confirmed. As Leeann was busy planning the wedding, our so-called brother was busy spending her money, buying the latest clothes and hitting the latest joints. The final nail to that scenario is when she finally found out that he had a baby that he had never told her about, and that for all those years he had an affair behind her back, all this time, his friends knew but none uttered a word.

Ivy did eventually get married and moved to the states with her hubby sad to say their union only lasted a year, once he got there he dint need her anymore, he not only assaulted her, but emotionally toured her till she couldn’t take it anymore.

‘What manner of men are these?’ was the question that went through my mind, ‘Who never did anything for themselves?’ ‘Who calculated, plotted and preyed on our light skinned sisters only to dispose of them once they get to where they want?…I battled with this questions.

I now ask myself… ‘What can I do about it?’

Do you know of someone in a similar position? Same scenario? What are you doing about it or planning to do?

Least to say I am disgusted by what my brothers did, and what they still continue to do. Is a life in the states worth wasting 5 years for in a fake relationship with someone, lying, skimming, stealing, deceiving, and destroying someone else’s future? And worse still, sometimes the African wives or girlfriends know about the affairs but opt to keep quiet and reap the benefits i.e. the nice house, nice clothes, jewelry, local holidays and money…money that neither you nor your husband/boyfriend worked for.

What happened to our conscious? Where did our integrity go? Have we stooped this low, I used to think this was only done by the beach boys that hung around in hotels, but now it has crept into our back yards, our churches yet we still keep quite about it. Who is bold enough to say the truth? Who is bold enough to stand when the pastor asks; ‘is there anyone who has reason why this man and this woman should not be together?’

Think about it, right now it could be just our other sisters going through this, but next time it just might you.

All my love



3 thoughts on “Mzungu !!! -my foreign queens

  1. Wow, this is deep…I am about to get married and I trust my girlfriend. But, If she was cheating on me, I would definitely want my friends to tell me before I make a big mistake.

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