Mercy Said NO.

What comes to your mind when you hear or read about the word “Mercy ” ?

Mercy for me describes not just that Christ died on the cross i mean that sacrifice is incomparable ! But it does remind me of the things that God has withheld from me because He loves me too much. Even to this day we still sin but God gives us His mercy every new morning because He knows that we are capable of sin and He withholds his punishment.

Imagine if God were to literally punish us everytime we sinned ? When we lie, when we dont fulfill a promise to Him, when we are late, when we dont give, when we look at a person lustfully, when we waste time, when we are selfish and so on….

Yet its funny how we are quick to withhold mercy from people, someone cuts you on the road, or dissapoints you, or when someone treats you unfairly we are quick to wish harm on them or just play out scenerios of vengence in our mind, sometimes we even pray that God would repay them, some of us waste so much time being angry and bitter, forgetting that we at some point commited the same acts yet God saw it fit to bestow mercy on us.

Mercy is saying NO! i withhold the punishment you deserve, i withhold my anger, my unkind words, my fist .I will not wish you harm, i will forgive you, i will let it go. Giving mercy is saying i know you deserve this but i choose to love you.

Show some mercy this week.



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