Another Year, What else is new ?


Wow another year has begun, breathe..please breathe…

I know some of you are excited at the prospects of the New Year others are overwhelmed at the amount of things to accomplish while the majority is freaking out!! Thinking i wasn’t done with last year! what happened to last year? Oh my goodness what did I achieve? accomplish? I am such a failure! Chances are you feel like you are going to mess this year too and two options are going through your mind, One to just sit and watch as another year just happens, or two to just do the bare minimum and see how the year will progress. Now as much as those two options are tempting…..please read some more of what I have to say and maybe I can convince you to see things in a different way.

Today (Tuesday) was my first day back to work; yes I have been on Holiday break for two weeks and was looking forward to coming to work but for some reason (I slept in good time…well almost) but I woke up late, now I get pissed when I wake up late because it kind of messes up my day. I don’t get to do my morning routine, my devotion, drink my vanilla cup of tea and dance a little bit as i prepare for work…you know setting the mood and all. So I didn’t get to do any of those things, I got to the matatu stage still pissed because the matatu’s were taking their sweet time and when i finally got into one the driver decided to take a shortcut which most times has never worked because we end up in a jam for hours on end. I wanted to scream but decided to complain to the person sited next me but he dint respond so I got mad at him too for not saying anything!

When I finally got to town I alighted and realized I dint even thank the conductor, so off I went to the office, four flight of stairs only to find the doors locked, went down one flight of stairs and found our third floor office space opened, I went in and found Mariam my colleague,The first thing I told her was to open the door least people come in and thought we are still closed, Imagine not even a good morning!. I entered the office with all manner of attitude,Something in me was urging me to get on to face book and write a frustrated post or tweet and maybe spend the rest of my morning mourning over how bad of a day I was having .

As I entertained that thought(whether to rant and rave) I decided to Google the word for today by UCB and I read something that caught my eye, the teaching was from Jeremiah 1 that when God calls people they usually feel ill equipped and insecure and unsure, He calls people who have made mistakes, When Jeremiah told God that he doesn’t have the competence nor confidence to do the job God said to him and I believe what He is saying to us today “You are not going in your own authority” and that somehow comforted me because I realized that I dint make this day, I wasn’t feeling confident over how this day would turn out and so I wanted to sabotage it, I was letting my self dictate the kind of day I was going to have.

As you begin the year with all this doubts and fear the key question ought to be in whose authority are you going forth with? Who is sponsoring you? Who is sustaining you? The truth is if the answer is you, then you don’t stand a chance, but if the answer is God, regardless of how this long road ahead looks you can look up and know that there is someone holding the reigns, there is someone leading the way, We are sheep and your work and my work basically is to hear His voice and follow Him. And since we know Him and how perfect His will is for our lives we can rest in the fact that He’s got us!! He’s got this year!

My friend wherever He leads you, whatever He requires of you, stand in obedience, don’t rationalize, agonize, compromise or apologies. Do as He says and this year will be one that you will never forget! The ball is in your court, in whose authority are you going forth with this year?

Psalms 37:23-34 says : The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,And He delights in his way.Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;For the Lord upholds him with His hand.

Ps: my day got brighter and I even went ahead to do an exercise that we were asked to do. Every day when you wake up take the first 5 minutes to be grateful for what God is doing,write down 5 things I was grateful for…..i wrote my 5 things the last one was this was that I was grateful God had given me the ability to write, so I started this post and I was done in 20 minutes.

Happy New Year !!!

For my generation
Wanjiku Ndungu


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