Ciku’s Journey….

Hi everyone,

A lot has been happening this year but one thing i can attest to is that its been a wonderful 3 months ! as you all know i am currently an intern at Internation Christian Centre Mombasa and this page is basically to share with you what i am learning and how life generally is turning out, all i can say for now is, i am excited about the year ahead,knowing God,Loving Him and spreading it around to all of you.

Join me and together, lets bless the name of the Lord.



2 thoughts on “Ciku’s Journey….

  1. January…..BIG Questions BIG Decisions

    At 27, I do have an education and a career that I love! But I guess from early on I always knew that there was another path I was meant to take. Some of us are blessed to find our purpose and passion in life and go for them, some of us have no clue, we just sail through life living under other people’s shadows, expectations or their dreams for us. READ MORE……

  2. February….Are you winning or whining ?

    I remember early this month I talked to a friend, and anyone within earshot of our little chatty-chat would have thought that I was intoxicated. I was ranting and raving about God’s timing and plan as far as my relationships were concerned. I mean, don’t we just love giving God the reins in all areas of our lives, so we can sit back and watch Him disentangle the kinks and knots we have made in our folly? READ MORE….

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