Living in Him and For Him is a rendition of the bible verse in Him,i live,move and have my being, originally this posts were meant for my small sis Wanjiru Ndungu, I love her dearly and wanted her to make better choices in life as far as her walk with God,relationships with family,friends,and the church is concerned. All this are personal experiences, My 8 year journey of faith, loving God,making mistakes and learning from them.It has not been easy writting all this down,sharing my life with persons unknown, but your comments and feed back remind me that my life is not my own, we all have a duty to influence and change our generation, one person at a time.

This blog is for all my sisters,my girl friends who seek a love unconditional ,a peace thats surpasses understanding,a purity of being set apart,a passionate pursuit of God.

feel free to get intouch with me @
41202-80100 Msa,Kenya

much love


8 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. my name is wanjiku my daddy is a kikuyu my mum xhosa from south africa
    we are saved and your prayer letters were very good God bless you. shiku

  2. Hi, I have read your posts and your writing has really touched me, you speak a lot of truth and have a lot of wisdom. You have such a profound insight to life. Best of luck, from a small mzungu girl who has lived in kenya for a long time

  3. Hi Shikoh,

    I am glad i ran into ua blog, just to let u know it aint js meant for girls. it also has given me loadsa insights esp. from a chics perspective. Nwy i am also born again christian, tho in relationships i am not the best. But from experience even God Fearing Chics hv Serious Flaws and differences, soo Guys are not Only to be blamed. How you handle Differences and resolve issues is the Most important.
    Thanx Loadsa.

    Fred Dust.

    • Thanks for your comment fred and i am glad you find it insightful and i agree with you we are all different and should take responsibilities of our actions….

      Be blessed

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